Friday, February 08, 2008

By god it's been a while. A combination of a hectic work schedule, moving house, and no broadband have kept me off line for quite some time.

Still, I carved some time out for experiments in bread making and creme brulee. That, some salads, baked trout and a stack of food books should bulk out this blog for the remaining weeks of February.

Still, it's late. And tomorrows another day.


Private Chef said...

Funny how every blogger apologises as the first line of their blog for not posting! Seen it on nearly every clog today! Good to see you back posting though! Happy Cooking!

Felix said...

I'm looking forward to reading more about creme brulee adventures... I still remember the good flavour. I was experimenting myself with a black pepper and egg chilled custard this week, and a moroccan-inspired pavlova... you just can't beat light, fluffy desserts. I have found that gelatine *does* fluff up custard/dairy type things quite considerably, and yogurt adds a fresh sharpness that I like. But it is difficult to improve on the oozing loveliness of the perfect brulees you made when I was over!

I also read Gordon Ramsay's autobiography which, in spite of the title, (Humble Pie) was not in any way humble, contained little information on food and was appallingly written!

Give me Heston's rapturous gastro-geekery anytime.

The Ulrika-does-Nigella video you have here is very funny.

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Welcome back abulfia!! Went to Locatelli's and loved it!!

Carsten said...

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