Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blinded by simplicity

Taken, once again, from the Murphy's Ice Cream book,(full recipe availabe at the link) Earl Grey Ice Cream (photo to follow).

Quite delicious apparently. Apparently, as I am not a huge fan. Others enthusiastically were though, and the plans for utter Christmas domination can continue apace. It's part of a series of experiments geared up towards an unorthodox Christmas treat. Breakfast for dessert.

The idea blinded me with it's simplistic brilliance after I served up the family Gorgeous C eggs, in eggcups, of Brown bread Ice Cream - too butterscotchy and rich a thing to have in excess.

A slice of brown-bread ice-cream, buttered with caramel sauce, a cup of earl-grey ice cream, and an egg of lemon ice-cream for that Lady Grey finish.

I'm often blinded by simplicity. Mine and other peoples.

In other, all to brief news, a new Kenwood Chef was procured bu her Gorgeous Cness, and my good self, leading to a frenzy of culinary activity as we clustered around said object like Pr men at an X-factor final. Unacquainted with popular culture as I am, I hope that simile makes sense.

Ice-cream, bread and pasta dough all quite happily despatched.

For the coup de grace, spinach and ricotta Ravioli, using the last of the spinach from the garden.

The Kenwood Chef recipe called for 500g of flour, no oil, and 4 eggs, as opposed to the standard 1 egg per 100g of flour. It was quite a dry dough - drier than I normally work with, and a bit difficult to work with in the roller. But it worked out fine. It may have expanded more while cooking though. Hrmm. Some experimentation could be afoot.......

Cooked the spinach in butter, and no water, and kept it whole not chopped....

Eh Voila, the finished product, in a sage and lemon sauce...