Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Random noise.

Always an interesting site. Just hit the search button. Shows closure and improvement orders served over the last several months to food outlets around the country. From those fine people at the FSA. Look up and embarass food service outlets in your area with awkward questions.

Michael Ruhlman has started up a new blog to complement his just released book, the Elements of Cooking. I've got a copy of that and Knife Skills winging their way across the channel to my grubby little mitts. Reviews of both will be posted when read and digested.

Mr Ruhlman's blog is well worth having a look at, with some interesting ideas floating up in the comments. Short entries covering cooking theory, and some more in-depth analysis in the comments.

Funny. But true. Shooting Stars skit from early on. I never really got the Nigella Lawson thing. Give me Isabel Allende talking about watching a man cook any day.


Felix said...

Nigella's television appearances are much less pleasing than Isabelle Allende's descriptions of men cooking.

Everything I've had out of Nigella's books is delicious though, and everyone who cooks from her says they love her recipes.

I think it helps that every time I've eaten her recipes they've been prepared by my lovely knitting friends...

Abulafia said...

I don't doubt her recipes are good. I'm just wondering if her abilities are as ersatz as the reality icing on Nigella Express...

You coming over?