Friday, March 23, 2007

Homemade bacon

Largely because I had a fever, dizziness and some sort of viral infection. I came back from my shopping run with some belly of pork, some milk, a pot of jam and a loaf of bread.

And a quarter pound of beef.

As I said. I had a fever.

So, I googled an old recipe I'd read a couple of months ago in the Guardian, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. For home cured bacon. The picture to the right is of the prepared belly of pork, rubbed in coarse sea-salt, light muscavado sugar and fresh bay leaves (once again, thanks to the gorgeous C). I think I'll try a three day cure, and then adjust the measures as necessary. I've also used a coarse French sea salt, and, depending on how well it cures, I might try a fine salt next.

Still. I like the idea of home-curing bacon. I like the idea of home-curing an organic pork belly even more. So I guess this project will run and run.

I'll post a photo and taste test of the finished product. By taste test I mean bacon buttie. We'll see how the bugger tastes in some batch, swimming with butter. Or, more seriously, an amatriciana. Should be on Sunday night.

And to extend the activity, I've picked up a couple of American style cures, involving cold and hot smoking. So building a smoker is a definite summer project. Any ideas, oe links to dustbin smokers are welcome.

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